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  1. Paulina dice:

    Eciomnoes are in dire straits, but I can count on this!

  2. http://www./ dice:

    Blake Griffin / Oh yeah?Did your ignorant ass see that this didn't occur int he good 'ole USA?Naw, keep flapping your gums and spread that ignorance, buddy!

  3. On a semi-relatable note, when I arrived to the Midwest from Canada as a ripe 5 year old ready to wipe out the rest of the 1st grade with my culture and intelligence, I got asked multiple times what it was like to live in an igloo, and if we knew about electricity yet.Allow me to quote the underground hip-hop band out of Canada, “Classified,” who said, “Honestly, a lot of y’all are ignorant and stupid.Yes, we have microwaves, TVs and cell phones,Unintelligent? Fuck, we invented the telephone.”People.

  4. Ben sis-tu moi a part la question 10 dont je trouve les choix atroces…J’ai rien contre le quizMon résultat était assez représentatif de ce que je cherche mais pas nécessairement de ce que j’attire lol

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