Creaciones Julio César – Chaleco a cuadros con capucha


Tallas: Desde la 4 hasta la 16


Al por mayor 20.00 S/.

Al por menor 17.00 S/.

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  1. Alfredo dice:

    Que9 me1s da!! Es necesario!! Yo mismo lo cogere9 todos los dedas para ir mucho me1s re1pido y hacer mi vida me1s esanestrte si cabe!!Ademe1s, mucho antes este1n las personas decentes que esos cuatro bichos! Si total, van a desaparecer!! Y la pasta que va a mover!! Eso es muy bueno!! Creare1 riqueza kepedn kepe1n! Nos va a cambiar la vida una barbaridad!………………………………….vaya mierda.

  2. Hi Helen. Yep, I used 50% BTMS, 20% Incroquat CR, with 5% butter and no oils. I like how Incroquat CR feels on my hair – it's a great softening ingredient (for my hair, not the bar) and an anti-static ingredient! I wasn't real clear, there, eh?

  3. I agree Riga seems to be up and coming!Have a look at the link below for some ideas.Prague does not really welcome stags anymore plus the prices have risen quite high.

  4. People keep sending me the email – no-one seems to question its accuracy. I did a lot of fact checking and was left feeling very despondent – how could anyone sink so low as the anonymous writer has done, to use the story of a truly good and wonderful woman for a personal attack on a politician whose policies he disliked?

  5. Curt, since my blog is so backwater and below PETA’s radar, I think you are still safe. You might want to write a letter to the editor of the New York Times, or something, if you want to get prosecuted.Marc, your umbrage is duly noted. But resorting to verbing nouns … c’mon man! Get ahold of yourself! (Equivalating? Didn’t you know that word was ?)

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